More Than Just 2 of Us

Many of you who have worked with us know that Ron and I are the lead architects at 2 Point, but there's no way we could handle all the work that comes into this office without the help of our amazing architecture team. Our team goes above and beyond for every project. Last weekend we had our company retreat (thus the casual attire in the photograph), and it was a great opportunity to step back from our hectic project schedule and talk with the hard workers that keep us afloat. From CAD renderings to 3D models to LEED checklists, these 4 help us take care of the crazy amount of things that need to be done every day.

So thanks to (from left to right) Matt Tillman, Ben Guler, Emily Wilbrandt and Ji Noh for all they do! We wouldn't be here without you.

These guys show a level of dedication that keeps us going green and going strong, we couldn't do it without you.