Gold - Not Just A Color (Ora Dental Studio)

2 Point Perspective - Ora Dental Studio

2 Point Perspective co-hosted Chicago’s eco-friendly movers and shakers last week to celebrate the launch of the greenest dental studio in Chicago-land. Ora Dental Studio is setting the bar for eco-dentistry practices, and they have a strong commitment to their patients as well. Their eco-dentistry approach follows the Green Guide for Health Care, and their new Wicker Park office space speaks volumes in it's super "green" status.


In a successful collaboration between eco-dentistry and eco-architecture, Ora Wicker Park was on course for LEED Silver Certification but made it to Gold Certification.  Additionally, it received a GreenDOC certification as well as a CleanMed Conference's Environmental Excellence Award for their commitment to sustainability.)  Architectural tours through the space highlighted design elements such as the eco-resin doors used for the treatment rooms, a multitude of recycled materials, and efficient lighting which filters around sculptural drywall soffits.  While not quite as glamorous, 2 Point made sure to include a super efficient mechanical system, Energy Star appliances, low flow plumbing fixtures, and a dedicated recycling area.

Guests dined on Tocco catered hors d’oeuvres and sipped Lynfred Winery’s Organic Wine and Peak Organic Ale. The real success of the evening was the honor of celebrating another first for green architecture in Chicago!