Local Food and Local Architects

With the grand opening of City Provisions Deli last month, chef Cleetus Friedman and team have taken local food to a new level! Here at 2 Point, we were proud to be the architect, for what is sure to become a Chicago institution.

2 Point Perspective - City Provisions Deli

When you stop by (1818 West Wilson), check out the amazing bloody mary mix, the chocolate-cherry granola bars, and the blue-cheese stuffed olives that nearly started a war here in the office. (Next time we’ll buy 2 jars, okay!) We hope you’ll also look past the tasty food to the “city-meets-farm” aesthetic. We were going for a look that would embody the local and sustainable food for which City Provisions has become known.

Now when Friedman carries in locally grown tomatoes and strawberries, they’ll be shelved on reclaimed wood and lit by energy efficient bulbs. The clean, straightforward floor plan is brought to life with materials that tell a story: repurposed wood from demolished buildings, farm-inspired murals that utilize low-VOC paints, and a energy-saving tankless hot water heaters. Every aspect of City Provisions has been constructed with an emphasis on keeping it sustainable, keeping it local, and keeping it green.