How 2 Point Saved Halloween! (kinda)

You may think that Architects aren't super heroes...and you would be right. However, I was talking with a lovely recent client of ours, Paula Johnson, and she did make me feel like a super-star just for a moment!

The story starts with a cute, modest home in the historic part of Highland Park. The Johnson family had been living in the home for a few years, with one continual gripe.  The home had no front door.  Really.

There was a back door- as you might suspect-  on the back of the house.  But the other entry door was quite a mystery.  (Sorry, not a spooky Halloween mystery, but a 'no one could find the door' type mystery.)  The door wasn't on the front of the home, nor on the driveway side.  In fact, you had to walk across the front lawn, and along a property-line sidewalk to get there.  The upside was that they didn't get a lot of solicitations!

After assessing all their home frustrations, we created an updated floor plan that gave the Johnson's a front door, an entry vestibule (good for energy savings), and a front porch.  Not to mention a much appreciated master bathroom!

With the updates to the front of the home it now looks friendly and welcoming, and has a lot more character as well.  But the thing that made my day was when Paula said:

"We can't wait for Halloween now that we have a front door!"

Happy Halloween to everyone!