Designing in the New Year

Here at 2 Point, we are passionate about the environment and good design.  While our blog has been heavy on green building, green living, and green events, we've been slacking on the design side!

Today, as I was flipping through a few tomes from our extensive design library, I came across these cute little train station shelters that are found all over Hanover, Germany.  They were designed by Despang Architekten.

I love how they use the same simple glass canopied design for each shelter, but make a big statement by changing just one material.  Isn't it interesting how haphazard the natural stones seem in comparison to the large, uniform scale of the dark tiles.  Also, the vertical and horizontal wood shelters not only play up the directionality of the material, but how the planks are installed (Mind the gap!).

Materials are a key component of any architectural project.  Select your materials wisely, detail their installation carefully, and reap the rewards of a good design!

Okay- that's the design-aerobics for today...

Which station is your favorite?  I think I would be happy waiting for the train at any of these!