In the United States, 80% of the items we own are used less than once a month. Think about that. How much have you invested in items that are hardly ever used? And how much of a carbon footprint are all of those items creating? Scary to consider, right? The frustrating part is that you really do need some of those things, if only every once in a while. So, what do you do?


We suggest visiting www.ohsowe.com. It’s designed to save you money and while helping the environment at the same time. The concept is simple; sharing. Using the internet, the creators of OhSoWe point out that it’s easier than ever to NOT buy something and yet have access to more than we ever could have on our own. Using their website, users interact amongst each other to borrow and share items, rather than purchasing them. It saves users money. It keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum.


So, sneaking in one last camping trip before winter? Having a party this weekend? Check out www.ohsowe.com before purchasing any supplies. If nothing else, it may just keep you from having to reorganize that storage closet again later this year.