Nice Guys Finish First


Finish what, you might ask?
Finish an amazing around the world journey on a chartered jet to such sites as Machu Picchu, Easter Island, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Barrier Reef - just to name a few.

So, what's the backstory?
Our philanthropic client, Dr. Rahul Khare, has been volunteering to aid in disaster relief for years in countries like Haiti, Indonesia, etc. The result... He has become an expert in tropical medicine.

So when National Geographic needed a traveling Doc to join their exclusive round-the-world journey, Dr. Khare got the call. Check out the great photos above and below for an 'armchair vacation'.

Back in Chicago, we are working with Dr. Khare on the creation of a new urgent care center located at the intersection of Ashland and Fullerton.

"Innovative Express Care" will be opening in early 2015, and aims to take express medical care to a new level.  On the design side, the facility is a striking mix of clean lines and natural textures.  The color palette consists of soothing neutral colors with bold accents, and features highly durable (and cleanable) surfaces.  Eco-flooring and energy-efficient lighting are used throughout the space as well. It's a true eco-minded 2PP original project!

We are so proud of our amazing client and can't wait to show more updates as it progresses into Chicago's latest urgent care center!