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In the days of 3D printing and solar cellphones, one would think our floors and walls would be eco-conscious as well - these days you'd be surprised to know just how few people are aware of today's cost-effective, eco-friendly, and stylish(!) flooring choices.  The good news is there are products on the market - if you know where to look - that are natural, durable, and cost-effective. Switching over to a more sustainable, non-chemically treated flooring option is an ideal solution for the environment, your wallet, and your peace of mind.  Read on!

Bio Based Tile (BBT)

The Armstrong BBT tiles pictured above are an awesome replacement for VCT flooring.  These tiles are made from 85% pulverized limestone + 15% corn.  And, they come in beautiful, neutral colors.  This is an attractive prospect for cost, style, and sustainability. (Source)


Cork Floors ( Picture )

Cork Floors (Picture)

Another eco-friendly alternative is Cork which is resistant to fires, provides superb insulation, and is renewable (3 year regrowth period.)  This flooring type can last up to 30 years, too (Source.)


Ci Plaza  (Picture  source )

Ci Plaza (Picture source)

This ceramic floor (above) with its wood-like look is made of 85% recycled material, and won't tarnish under the bright sun!  Made by a Spanish manufacturer.  


Linoleum from  Plazatiles.com

Linoleum from Plazatiles.com

Linoleum is made from the linseed oil from flax plants and is highly renewable (Source.)


Rooftop Deck in Illinois - Ipe Wood Tiles ( Source .)

Rooftop Deck in Illinois - Ipe Wood Tiles (Source.)

Reclaimed hardwood is ideal for those wanting to reduce their forest footprint. It's also a nice story to tell friends if you know where the wood was found and reclaimed!


Cork , textured-looking living room

Cork, textured-looking living room

Like Cork, Bamboo has a short growth period. It's varied grains and wide array of colors make it a stylish, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly alternative (Source.)


This tile from FlexCo is available through Spartan Surfaces, our neighbor here at the Green Exchange. It is engineered to fight germs that collect and is easy to install and maintain.  This option above can be made from up to 72% recycled content! Sounds like an earth-friendly deal to us!

To us, using green flooring alternatives seems like a no-brainer. But we want to hear from you! Please let us know what questions you have about green flooring.