Lisa's feature!

Lisa was featured in our building's newsletter, which featured a couple quotes from an article that Lisa was interviewed for from the Illinois Association of Realtors!  Here is a snippet of the article--


The U.S. Green Building Council says green buildings can:

  • Reduce energy use by 25 percent
  • Reduce water use by 11 percent
  • Reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 34 percent
  • Reduce maintenance costs by 19 percent

Long-Term Savings

Lisa Elkins, a licensed architect, co-owner of 2 Point Perspective, Inc., in Chicago, and a LEED-accredited professional who speaks to groups about green building, says the upfront costs of building green are often offset by a decrease in long-term life cycle costs.
Elkins points to a World Green Building Council study ( released in March 2013 that says: “There has been an overall trend towards the reduction in design and construction costs associated with green building as building codes around the world become stricter, supply chains for green materials and technologies mature, and the industry becomes more skilled at delivering green buildings.”
Complacency and improper perceptions stop businesses from moving forward on green initiatives, she says: “Constructing a green building can cost the same as a conventional building if cost strategies, program management and environmental strategies are integrated into the development process right from the start.”
Elkins says making even small improvements to indoor environmental quality such as increased fresh air, adequate amounts of daylight indoors and views of nature can reap some financial benefits.
A University of California Berkeley Institute of Business and Economic Research study in April 2011 called “The Economics of Green Buildings” ( says buildings with green ratings command higher rental and occupancy rates. 


Thanks to the Green Exchange for spotlighting Lisa in it's October Newsletter and to the Illinois Association of Realtors for conducting it! Lisa loved getting the word out about how green building is just as smart of a prospect as conventional building! (And how in the long run, the green route is the same price or CHEAPER!)